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Investment Analysis

The majority of the modern investment world is built around the idea that savvy investors can utilize today's almost limitless informational resources, all-powerful analytical systems and tools together with the opinions of experts to beat the market.

It seems to be a reasonable conclusion that this makes sense: By selecting the right stocks, employing the right broker, finding the right manager and predicting the right time to buy or sell, investors are able to generate returns that will not only beat the averages, but will also beat their under informed, less astute peers. While we acknowledge that it's an appealing, even feasible, concept, we do not believe it.

We do not believe that any investor, be they individuals that are administering their own portfolios or even the professional money managers are able to consistently beat overall market returns over any substantial time period. Quite the opposite in fact, it seems that the harder they try, the more likely they are to be unsuccessful.

There are however exceptions as we have proved in the past, this though has been through gleaned knowledge that was not readily available to the general market. These situations are rare and it’s not what our approach is based upon, but like any business we will take advantage when these situations arise.

Able Fortune maintain a clear principle about the general nature of markets how they affect portfolio formation and management. Able Fortune excels in providing objective, disciplined investment strategies and advice tailored to each client's specific needs. Our due diligence process leverage's quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate portfolio characteristics and identify long-term investment opportunities based on a client's acceptable risk factors and return objectives.

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Able Fortune builds a portfolio based on an overall asset allocation, through individual stocks and bonds, based on the client and the team’s agreed strategy.

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